IMLIGHT' Company Building Structure

Head office ( Kirov City) Moscow office (Company representation office)

Administration, legal and financial center of the company

Marketing center including departments of commerce, brand managers, dealers, PR and advertisement

Manufacturing facilities

Design and installation department

Department of research and development of various manufacturing scopes (Lights, Electronics, Truss, Sound, Mechanics, Stage Equipment)

Retail department

Department of engineering and installation design

Sales department

Sales department

Service center

Department of state-of-the-art equipment rental

Logistic center, including domestic deliveries center

Service center


Logistic center, including import deliveries service


IMLIGHT warehouses

By the present time the company has built the complete circle of management, manufacturing and sales of its products and services. Number of employees has exceeded 400 people. Manufacturing and offices areas are more then 2 000 sq.m. The total warehouses area are 16 000 sq.m., and now are planning to open custom terminal warehouse on the base of the areas of the Company. Specialists of the company attended professional trainings with international vendors and partners.

IMLIGHT production facilitiesIMLIGHT production facilitiesIMLIGHT production facilities

The basis of the company marketing policy lies in satisfying the client demand by means of forming and offering a well balanced inventory based on competitive advantages of the selected products. The company constantly analyzes the market demand in order to account all requirements of the existing and potential customers. A detailed product study of the world famous brand names is performed before making offer to the clients. This supports the quality of the services and products provided by the company. Company holds a whole package of all necessary licenses and certificates for the products and services.

Our Company with its powerful modern manufacturing facilities, offering the hole package of service from step of design to delivery with installation and tuning, achieve serious success in growing IMLIGHT Company activities in all regions of Russian Federation. The efficiency and performance of this approach proved by stable and constant growth of the dealer network which now comprises more than 80 companies in different Russian regions: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Novosibirsk, Kirov, Izhevsk, Volgograd, Rostov, Tula, Yaroslavl, Vladivostok, Murmansk, Stavropol and Krasnodar region to name a few, Republics of Belorussia, Dagestan, Tatarstan, Kalmykia and others.

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